Introducing ‘Roadshows’, part of the iConnections new release of features for Q2.

Roadshows management and document sharing made easy

Welcome to our 2024 Q2 product release page, your go-to resource for the latest updates and enhancements to our platform.

Introducing ‘Roadshows’

Focus on fundraising and let us handle the time-consuming tasks of your business trips.

Quickly create a roadshow and start sending meeting requests

With just a few clicks, you can set up your roadshow event by filling in essential details like location, goal, availability, and dates. After that, send out invites and watch as meetings start popping up in your calendar.

Sync all your appointments with third party calendars

Not only can you plug in all your travel logistics, and restaurant reservations to your roadshow, but you can also sync it with third party calendars, so you never miss a meeting.

A smart calendar that saves everyone headaches

The platform automatically calculates travel time between locations to recommend ideal time slots; sends notifications when you’re running late to a meeting; and assists in rescheduling appointments whenever necessary.

Introducing ‘Investor Portal’

A centralized platform for document management, with precise control and real-time updates.

Managers: upload and share your documents with ease and security

Upload your documents and set access levels with ease. Your contacts will receive automatic updates when new files are uploaded to your profile. Plus, adjusting access permissions is straightforward and secure (if you’re in compliance, now is your cue to throw some confetti).

Investors: view and download documents in a centralized place

Gain access to your contacts’ documents from a single, centralized hub. Effortlessly search for and download the files you need. Plus, you have the option to request access to a fund’s profile and monitor your tracked groups with ease.

But that’s not all

Check some of our recent product updates and start using them today!

Business Cards

Exchange business cards using the QR code in the app, or on the web when you send a meeting request. You can easily export and add to your phone contacts too.

Map View

This tool helps you find potential connections based on office location. Search by location to find new leads and plan your next business trip.

New Look in the App

Our new homepage centralizes all your essential tools. Quickly access tools like ‘My Tracker’, which lets you see your groups within the app.


We’ve added new features to our chats experience: create group chats, narrow down your search with filters and interact with emojis and message replies.


Boost your social and professional presence. Share event highlights, engage with industry leaders, and discuss market trends.

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