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Beyond Events: Year-Round LP Engagement with IR Navigator

Discover the Power of IR Navigator

The Investor Relations Navigator program is your gateway to strategic investor meetings. We’ve crafted this premium offering exclusively for our valued fund manager members, ensuring meaningful connections in the finance world. Let our dedicated Investor Relations team extend your investor outreach and support your event experience.

Invitation Only

iConnections has a limited number of openings available for each strategy in the program. Email to apply.

Exclusive Investor Engagement

Target a pool of strategic allocators early, through exclusive first-mover advantage to our scheduler and as well as access to additional meeting invitations.

Dedicated Team

With the support of an Account Manager and your Investor Relation reps, you will receive regular check-ins, reviewing all of your fund raise needs.

Targeted Investor Meetings

Let iConnections’ IR help you schedule meetings with your high-priority investors that align with your fund’s objectives.

Time-Efficient Solution

Maximize your productivity. Let our team magnify your efforts through supporting your outreach and guiding your experience.

Strategic Partnerships

Utilize our global IR footprint to seek advice and forge meaningful connections with key allocators who align with your investment goals.



The platform was very user-friendly and greatly enhanced our experience at iConnections Global Alts 24, from scheduling to networking. The Investor Relations team provided excellent support throughout, both before and during the event.

Kimberly Bent


Peachtree Group was delighted to be part of the IR Navigator Program. Our primary objective was to meet with as many qualified groups as possible and with the extraordinary efforts of the IR team, we achieved our objective of meeting over 50 top-tier groups. I would highly recommend any sponsor raising capital in the alternatives space to utilize their best-in-class service.

Jordan Kellerman

Peachtree Group

The IR team were valuable resources in helping us navigate the iConnections Global Alts Conference. It is a huge event with many attendees and a useful place for networking opportunities. Global Alts is an ideal environment for forging new connections and seizing opportunities.

Camille Rudge

1st & Main Growth Partners

Explore the exclusive benefits of the Investor Relations Navigator program

Contact us to learn more about this premium offering and how it can complement your existing iConnections subscription.

Together, we'll navigate the path to
successful capital raising
  • Invitation Only
  • Exclusive Investor Engagement
  • Dedicated Team
  • Targeted Investor Meetings
  • Time-Efficient Solution
  • Strategic Partnerships


Q: How do I become a part of the "Investor Relations Navigator" program?

A: Simply fill out the contact form above, and our team will get in touch to discuss your unique needs and goals. Capacity is limited and applications are submitted as part of an approval process.

Q: Is this program only available to select fund managers?

A: Yes, this premium offering is limited in size to ensure that the participants in the program have a truly curated experience. All funds are welcome to apply. In addition, IR Navigator clients will have early access to select opportunities with our VIP allocator clients. 

Q: What type of investors will I have access to?

A: Our network includes the world’s top allocators ranging from SWF, Endowments, Foundations, family offices, and institutional investors actively seeking investment opportunities. 

Q: Does this program include access to Events?

A: Yes, The cost per year includes access to iConnections Global Alts, SALT iConnections NY, SALT iConnections Asia and Investopia.

IR Navigator also includes premium booths and booth locations at each conference, extra meeting requests and priority access to the meeting scheduler.

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