Dan Nathan, Guy Adami and Liz Young are previewing this week in the markets. Mike Wilson is calling for a S&P 500 tactical move to 4150 (2:00). Targets for economic growth in China is weaker than expected, that’s having an impact on commodities (7:00).The Honorable Fed Chair Powell speaks in front of Congress this week, inflation isn’t dead yet! (13:00). What’s next for financial stocks as the yield curve gets more inverted (27:00)?

Rob Frasca is a serial entrepreneur, internet pioneer, former Navy pilot and frequent speaker on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Rob has been a staple in financial technologies dating back to the early 1990s when he created the Internet’s first stock quote and portfolio management service, GALT Technologies which was sold to Intuit in 1997. Since then, Rob has brought 3 venture-backed startups to successful exits.

Rob now serves as Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Cosimo Ventures, which offers the world’s first tokenized, evergreen venture capital fund – COSIMO X and the managed-staking solution for digital investors – COSIMO Y. The funds provide investors with early access to high-growth potential blockchain projects and top-tier proof of stake cryptocurrencies, respectively.

Rob Frasca details his journey in the 90’s tech boom and as an early internet entrepreneur (33:00). How did Rob find himself at the forefront of blockchain technology (43:00)? Rob is thinking “exponentially” about the future of blockchain and proof of stake (47:00). Rob breaks down the future of tokenization and tokenized assets and how it relates to COSIMO’s tokenized venture funds (53:00). Can we start trusting blockchain companies again (59:00)?

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