Stocks Atone for Higher Rates with Liz Young and Lee Robinson of Altana Wealth

Guy, Dan and Liz Young of SoFi discuss the looming government shutdown (1:45), the S&P technicals (5:45), Credit card losses rising at the fastest pace since the Great Financial Crisis (6:30), Stocks Flash Recession Warning as Trouble Spreads to Industrials (10:55), small caps/large cap banks (13:25), Liz’s bright spot in the market (16:15), earnings this […]

Tee’d Up + The Space Economy with Chad Anderson

Guy, Dan and Liz Young of SoFi discuss Jerome Powell’s Jackson Hole speech and the market’s reaction (4:00). U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo visits China (16:30). Best Buy, Lululemon, Dollar General report this week, will we glean any new insights on the consumer (21:30)? Salesforce reports after the close on Wednesday (26:00). Later, Dan sits […]

The End of an Eras and a Conversation with Edward Talmor-Gera of NewVest

Guy, Dan and Liz Young of SoFi discuss the need for a reset (2:00), Apple earnings (8:45), global unrest (12:00), the new meme stocks (16:00), and earnings this week (21:00). Later, the co-hosts interview Edward Talmor-Gera of NewVest (34:00) and talk about how Edward married into private equity (36:30), private equity as a governance model […]

Sleeping On Steepening with Clark Briner of Revere Capital

Guy, Dan and Liz Young of SoFi discuss dueling strategist calls (2:00), what Guy is watching this week (7:30), huge single stock gains (9:00), what people got wrong about the market this year (11:30), inflation (16:00), and earnings (21:30). The co-hosts interview Clark Briner (31:00) and talk about private credit and real estate. Read: Morgan […]

Let the Market Run its Course with Bastiaan Janmaat of Linse Capital

Guy, Dan, and Liz Young, head of investment strategy at SoFi, discuss the bull vs. bear case for stocks (3:30), geopolitical unrest in Russia (23:00), Tesla’s third downgrade in a week (29:00), and earnings season right around the corner (32:00). The co-hosts interview Bastiaan Janmaat, Managing Director at Linse Capital, and talk about his background […]

Stuck In The Middle With You & A Conversation With Greg Friedman of Peachtree Group

Guy and Liz Young, head of investment strategy at SoFi, discuss market breadth (2:00), earnings (9:00) bond market volatility (16:00), big week for economic data (21:30), and gold (30:00). The co-hosts interview Greg Friedman, CEO of Peachtree Group, and talk about the state of commercial real estate (34:00). About the Show: On The Tape is […]

The Silence of The Bears & Tokenizing Venture With Rob Frasca

Dan Nathan, Guy Adami and Liz Young are previewing this week in the markets. Mike Wilson is calling for a S&P 500 tactical move to 4150 (2:00). Targets for economic growth in China is weaker than expected, that’s having an impact on commodities (7:00).The Honorable Fed Chair Powell speaks in front of Congress this week, […]

CPI Report Looms & A Chat With Motley Fool’s Ollen Douglass

Liz Young of SoFi joins Guy and Dan to preview the week ahead in markets. What’s the expectation from Tuesday’s CPI reading (2:00). The balloon story continues, could U.S. companies be forced to pull out of China in the near-term future (8:30)? Beware of possible stagflation and layoffs on the horizon (16:00). Applied Materials and […]