On this episode, Dan Nathan and Liz Young discuss the recent rally (3:00), what’s at stake in the Biden-Xi meeting this week (9:00), Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley Diverge on Fed Rate-Cut Forecasts (15:00), consumer sentiment (19:00), and sectors Liz would be focused on if the rally continues (25:00). Later, Ali Meli of Monachil Capital Partners joins to chat about his background (32:30), the structure at Monachil (37:00), lessons from the banking crisis (39:30), unrealized losses on bank balance sheets (47:00), the potential for a soft landing (49:00), how to get balance in the economy (53:30), opportunities in the market (59:30), and why the most unstable balance sheet is Federal Reserves (27:30).

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On The Tape is a weekly podcast with CNBC Fast Money’s Guy Adami, Dan Nathan and Danny Moses. They’re offering takes on the biggest market-moving headlines of the week, trade ideas, in-depth analysis, tips and advice. Each episode, they are joined by prominent Wall Street participants to help viewers make smarter investment decisions. Bear market, bull market, recession, inflation or deflation… we’re here to help guide your portfolio into the green. Risk Reversal brings you years of experience from former Wall Street insiders trading stocks to experts in the commodity market.

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