Dan and FirstMark Capital’s Rick Heitzmann have a chat at the iConnections Global Alts Conference in Miami about the reckoning for poor due diligence in public and private markets (2:00), the VC industry’s biggest lessons from recent excesses (8:00), the record amount of VC dry powder and how Rick is deploying capital (17:00), why Rick is most excited about opportunities in healthcare & AI in 2023 (21:00), and how a reopening of the IPO market will be a key signal to confidently invest again (26:00).

And later, Dan talks with Chamath Palihapitiya, founder & CEO of Social Capital, about the macro climate for investing and why it’s the start of a new phase of sobriety (28:00), what will survive the crash of risk assets (36:00), the problem with growth investing, where to look for signs of a bottom in private tech (42:00), why mounting geopolitical tensions between the U.S. and China will likely be a boon for American companies (46:00), and the rise of large language models in AI and how it may spark the next wave of M&A from big tech (49:00).

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