Activist investors are on the prowl (5:00). Is the market pricing in a “soft landing” (10:00)? What do we make of the bank stocks post-earnings and how does that translate for companies reporting this week ? Is Tesla the most important company reporting earnings this week (24:00)? After the break, Dan and Guy interview Kris Sidial, @Ksidiii on Twitter, of The Ambrus Group (34:55). Kris is the Co-CIO of Ambrus. Before joining Ambrus he was part of the exotic derivatives trading team at Bank of Montreal and the proprietary trading team at Xanthus capital and Chimera Securities. Kris gained an in-depth understanding of volatility trading early on, as the sole junior trader to the CBOE legend, Robert Kanter. Kris is a frequent guest on Bloomberg TV and has been profiled by many financial media publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, Reuters, Nasdaq, and many more.

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