Family Office Investing: Portfolio Management for the Long Haul
Our panel discussed their philosophy on investing and how family office investors source, select and evaluate alternative managers.

Speakers included:

  • Moderator – Alan Higgins, Chief Investment Officer (UK), Coutts
  • Bruce Currie, Head of the London Office for JIMCO, Abdul Latif Jameel
  • Thomas Edwards, Partner, Stockdale Street
  • Bryan Goh, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer, Tsao Family Office 
  • Ian Prideaux, Chief Investment Officer, Grosvenor Estate, Non Property Portfolio


Meet the ‘Maple Revolutionaries’

It’s time to look north of the border to unpick the reasons why so many investors look up to their Canadian neighbours.

Speakers included:

  • Moderator – Erick Müller, Director of Product and Investment Strategy, Muzinich
  • Amy Filkerski, Senior Portfolio Manager & External Portfolio Management, CPP investments
  • Josée Mondoux, Chief Investment Officer, Canadian Medical Protective Association
  • Mario Therrien, CFA, Head of Investment Funds & External Management, CDPQ


What Makes Australians a Different Kind of Allocator?

Are the differences founded in infrastructure, values, training, or tradition?

Speakers included:

  • Moderator – Mandy Mannix, General Manager, Asset Management Distribution, MLC Asset Management 
  • David Bell, Executive Director, The Conexus Institute
  • Laurence Marshbaum, Portfolio Manager, SunSuper
  • Kevin Wan Lum, Chief Investment Officer, Energy Super


Leading UK Charities Through a Global Pandemic

The future can’t be predicted, but it can be managed. So as we pass into the second year of the global COVID pandemic, how have the UK’s Charity leadership managed?

Speakers included:

  • Moderator – Rahul Moodgal, Advisory Board Member, iConnections & Partner, Parvus Asset Management
  • Alex Le Vey, Director of Income, Mental Health Innovations
  • Edgar Penollar, Chief Executive Officer, The Hygiene Bank
  • Honor Wilson-Fletcher, MBE Chief Executive Officer, British Exploring Society.


F4M: Leading Mental Health Charities Through a Global Pandemic

How have CEOs of mental health charities negotiated the crisis?  Lockdowns and a social landscape changing overnight have torn up the rulebook, yet their efforts are needed now more than ever to combat the ongoing crisis.

Speakers included:

  • Moderator – Laurie Katz, Partner, North America Business Development, GoldenTree Asset Management
  • John MacPhee, Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer, The Jed Foundation
  • Gary Mendell, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Shatterproof
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