Inside the Minds of Wall Street’s Titans: Join us for an insightful panel discussion featuring renowned speakers in the world of finance and investment. In this talk, Daniel Loeb, Founder & CEO of Third Point, Drew McKnight, Co-CEO & Managing Partner of Credit Funds at Fortress Investment Group, Armen Panossian, Incoming Co-CEO & Head of Performing Credit at Oaktree Capital Management, and John Zito, Partner & Deputy CIO of Credit at Apollo, moderated by Jeff Assaf, Senior Managing Director, CIO, ICG Advisors, share their perspectives with on the evolving landscape of private credit markets.

The panel delves into topics such as liquidity in financial markets, the impact of central bank policies, and the growing opportunities within the private credit sector. They discuss the broad definition of private credit, its various asset classes, and the challenges and opportunities they present. Additionally, the experts explore how changes in regulatory policies, including Basel III, are reshaping the lending landscape and affecting banks’ ability to provide financing.

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