Step into a session from iConnections Global Alts 2024 featuring NBA legend and entrepreneur Shaquille O’Neal alongside Jamie Salter, the mastermind Chairman & CEO of Authentic Brands Group, with the adept moderation of Bloomberg’s Sonali Basak.

Mastering the Game of Business: Witness Shaquille O’Neal discuss his transition from NBA superstar to business mogul, sharing the wisdom imparted by his mother that set him on the path to create a lasting legacy. Learn about his strategic approach to business, including the pivotal role he played in the revival of Reebok.

Building a Brand Empire: Jamie Salter shares the stage, offering insights into the challenges and triumphs of managing both legacy brands and a living sports icon like Shaq. Discover the power of a partnership built on transparency, trust, and a shared vision for success.

The Reebok Revival Story: Delve into the strategies behind Reebok’s resurgence as Shaq and Jamie unfold the narrative of rejuvenating this beloved brand. They discuss overcoming industry obstacles, making strategic pivots, and setting the stage for Reebok’s future.

Revolutionizing Licensing: Unpack the genius behind Authentic Brands Group’s licensing model that transforms celebrity into perpetual brand equity. Jamie Salter breaks down how this approach is reshaping the consumer space and outpacing traditional private equity models.

Purposeful Investments: Shaq elaborates on his investment philosophy that prioritizes transformative impact over mere financial returns. From boardroom influence to community impact, Shaq’s investments are as much about legacy as they are about profit.

A Dash of Shaq’s Humor: Experience the charismatic charm of Shaquille O’Neal as he shares light-hearted tales, including his banter with Charles Barkley, providing a glimpse into the joyful spirit he brings to every venture.

A Vision for the Future: As the talk concludes, Shaquille teases his future ambitions, from owning an NBA team to expanding his business footprint. It’s a candid look at an icon’s never-ending quest for new summits to conquer.

A special shout out from Shaq to Jeff Assaf

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