Join us for a discussion with Brad Gerstner, Founder and CEO of Altimeter, moderated by Kaitlin Malin, COO of iConnections.

In this video, Brad dives into the core principles that drive Altimeter, showcasing their unique approach to innovation and investing in today’s dynamic markets. With a flat, agile team, Altimeter resembles a tight-knit unit that focuses on quality partnerships, deep research, and high conviction opinions.

He discusses their journey through market fluctuations, highlighting the importance of staying true to their vision. Brad also shares valuable insights into the current state of public and venture markets, shedding light on key trends and opportunities.

But that’s not all! Brad Gerstner unveils his passion project, “Invest America,” which aims to create a brighter future for every child in America through financial education and empowerment. Discover how this revolutionary initiative can change lives and build a stronger, more inclusive economy for all.

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