Alexis Ohanian‘s (founder of Seven Seven Six and co-founder and former executive chairman of Reddit) Journey and Market Insights along with Rick Heitzmann, (founder and managing director of FirstMark Capital). Moderated by Dan Nathan, (co-founder of RiskReversal Media), this panel dives into the intricacies of venture capitalism, the power of patience in investment, and the ripple effects of market volatility in both private and public sectors.

Witness how Alexis Ohanian’s journey from founding Reddit to starting Seven Seven Six during the tumultuous year of 2020 has shaped his approach to tech-driven venture capital, focusing on creating deep connections with founders and CEOs. Rick Heitzmann shares insights on forming long-term partnerships with founders, enduring through both triumphs and tribulations, and the importance of due diligence in today’s fast-paced investment landscape.

These seasoned investors also explore the evolving narratives around cryptocurrency and AI, providing thought-provoking perspectives on their future in the investment world. They discuss the critical role of user experience in technology adoption and the potential for blockchain to create verifiable digital records in an age dominated by AI-generated content.

From discussing the excitement around Bitcoin’s store of value to contemplating the revolutionary impacts of AI, Ohanian and Heitzmann offer a candid look into the world of high-stakes investing, the trials of founding tech giants, and the art of looking “very wrong” for extended periods to achieve unprecedented success.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, an investor, or simply intrigued by the fusion of technology and finance, this panel is a treasure trove of wisdom and firsthand experiences that will enlighten and inspire.

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