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Our Macro Fund Community is Growing

Our spotlight series shines a light on the global macro funds in our community, which ranges from firmly established managers, who have weathered many markets cycles, to some of the industry’s most exciting and innovative new launches.

‘Macro Video Spotlight Series’

We’ve created videos where you can hear first-hand from our portfolio managers. Each manager discusses positioning, risk management, current opportunities and how their strategies can deliver a highly diversifying return stream.

What We See in the Market

High market volatility has been a tail wind in recent months. The investable HFRI 500 Macro Index maintained resilience in May and was negative by -0.10%, bringing its YTD return to +14.2%.

We expect global macro funds to continue to outperform as we expect market volatility to remain elevated given geopolitical tensions, inflation persistence and growing economic divergence amongst countries.

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