Dedicated to serving the institutional investor community globally, we strive to meet  the needs and priorities of our members. Through extensive surveys and feedback, we’ve gained insights into the key factors that matter most to allocators on our platform. Today, we’re excited to unveil the top 6 priorities most valued by allocators on iConnections, as identified by our surveys.

  • Detailed Fund Information: Allocators highly prioritize having detailed information about a fund on the iConnections platform. This includes metrics, investment preferences, and introductory information. This wealth of data empowers allocators to make informed decisions about which funds to engage with further. By having access to comprehensive insights upfront, they can efficiently assess whether a fund aligns with their investment criteria and preferences.

  • Alignment with Investment Interests: Allocators appreciate the opportunity to connect with fund managers who align with their specific investment interests and strategies through iConnections. The platform enables allocators to filter and search for funds based on various criteria, ensuring that they are matched with managers whose strategies resonate with their objectives. This alignment enhances the likelihood of meaningful connections and partnerships.

  • Personal Referrals and Connections: Personal referrals and connections are highly valued by allocators on iConnections. They find immense value in leveraging their network to review the history of interactions, identify similarities, and explore mutual connections. By tapping into their network and receiving recommendations, allocators can gain valuable insights and recommendations that assist them in making informed decisions about potential fund engagements.

  • Trustworthy Recommendations and Efficient Communication: Allocators trust platforms like iConnections for providing trustworthy recommendations, fund updates, and efficient communication channels. The platform streamlines the process of scheduling multiple meetings with fund managers, minimizing logistical challenges and maximizing productivity. This efficient communication enhances the overall user experience and facilitates seamless interactions between allocators and fund managers.

  • Tailored Networking Expectations: Allocators have specific expectations regarding networking on iConnections. They appreciate the platform’s ability to cater to their networking preferences, allowing them to specify their networking goals and requirements for establishing connections. Whether they prefer one-on-one cap intro meetings or group sessions, iConnections enables allocators to tailor their networking approach according to their individual needs, fostering meaningful connections and interactions.

  • Efficient Use of Time: Allocators value the efficient use of their time on iConnections. They often prefer virtual meetings as the first contact with fund managers, as this eliminates the need for travel and optimizes their schedule. By leveraging platforms like Zoom for initial meetings, allocators can gain a better understanding of funds without the constraints of geographical limitations. This approach allows allocators to maximize their time and resources, ultimately leading to more productive engagements with fund managers.

In summary, iConnections empowers allocators with comprehensive fund information, tailored capital introduction  opportunities, and efficient communication channels, allowing them to make informed investment decisions and optimize their networking efforts.