Since my last update, we have a new US President, watched multiple vaccines roll out across the planet, and seen a renewed global commitment and focus on climate change, equality and inclusion.

The Changemaker Forum

Against a backdrop of positive global change, we are excited to be celebrating International Women’s Day this year with our Changemaker Forum, bringing together inspirational figures from investment, technology, academia and economics to share their insights.

Global Alternatives Conference

It follows the fascinating discussions we enjoyed at our Global Alternatives Conference in January, including an in-depth interview with Stephanie Kelton, Author of New York Times Bestseller The Deficit Myth: Modern Monetary Theory — well worth reading this spring.

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If you missed it, don’t worry: all the content from the conference is now available through our site, and YouTube channel.

The future is bright

While the return to a physical world of work and face-to-face meetings are becoming a realistic prospect, the pandemic has taught our industry valuable lessons which will endure beyond lockdown. Being part of a virtual community through which we can leverage data, connect and do business has presented exceptional opportunities. Combining our investor relations expertise and technology has allowed managers and allocators to extend beyond their established network to intelligently and efficiently connect with the right partners, all the while maintaining the human touch which is so vitally important.

The pandemic has been a story of progress not compromise for our industry as we made important leaps in how we do business. Elements of the virtual working world are here to stay for the better, nonetheless, we still look forward to raising a glass with you in the near future.

– Ron Biscardi, CEO, iConnections