New York, NY – iConnections, a leading provider of financial technology services and solutions, today proudly unveils its latest initiative, “Funds4Teachers.” This innovative program highlights iConnections’ ongoing commitment to the transformative power of education and celebrates the exceptional role of educators in shaping the future. 

iConnections’ dedication to social impact has been evident through its previous successful initiatives, including Funds4Food, Funds4Ukraine, Funds4Minds, and Funds4Kids, which collectively contributed over $3.5 million to various charities. “Funds4Teachers” is poised to continue this legacy of giving back, directly supporting educators in their professional growth and development. 

“Funds4Teachers” is designed to empower educators nationwide, providing them with the opportunity to experience the Ron Clark Academy’s (RCA) revolutionary professional development programs. Known for its dynamic and innovative teaching methods, RCA has set the standard for educational excellence and creativity. 

“We believe in the power of education and are dedicated to supporting the incredible educators who inspire our future generations. By partnering with the Ron Clark Academy, we aim to foster a culture of excellence in education and provide teachers with the tools they need to thrive,” said Ron Biscardi, CEO of iConnections. 

To amplify support and engagement, iConnections is hosting networking receptions across major U.S. cities throughout the year in Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, and New York. These events, available to LP and GP members of the iConnections platform, will serve as a cornerstone for fundraising, with all proceeds directly benefiting RCA’s teacher training programs. 

“Seeing the impact that our professional development experiences have on teachers and, ultimately, their students, is incredibly rewarding. The Funds4Teachers initiative by iConnections will significantly expand our reach, allowing more educators to join our journey and transform their teaching methods,” stated Ron Clark, Founder of the Ron Clark Academy. 

Recently, Beast Philanthropy, with Jimmy Donaldson (better known as Mr. Beast) and Darren Margolias, unveiled a video titled “We Schooled Hundreds of Teachers,” which highlights the importance of the Ron Clark Academy. This video emphasizes the significant impact of the Ron Clark Academy’s initiatives. We invite you to watch this inspiring video and join us in supporting this powerful initiative to enhance the educational opportunities at the Ron Clark Academy. 

Join iConnections in this meaningful journey to elevate education and empower educators. Your participation and support can make a profound difference in the lives of teachers and students across the nation. 

About iConnections 

iConnections is a financial technology platform connecting asset allocators and investment managers. The iConnections desktop and mobile app allow allocators to evaluate and engage with relevant managers, who share company information securely on the platform. iConnections hosts its own conferences and powers myriad third-party global investor events. In an increasingly digital world, iConnections has reimagined how the investment industry connects. Visit to learn more. 

About the Ron Clark Academy 

The Ron Clark Academy is an esteemed educational institution renowned for its innovative teaching methods and commitment to excellence. Through its professional development programs, RCA empowers educators to bring creativity and passion into their classrooms, inspiring students to achieve their highest potential.  

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