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Adam Sporn

Managing Director and Head of Prime Brokerage

Mr. Sporn is a seasoned financial sales executive with over 20 years of experience in facilitating senior securities finance and prime brokerage sales. Most recently, Adam was a Managing Director at State Street, where he served as a senior salesperson for the firm’s Enhanced Custody program that offers bank financing solutions to hedge funds, mutual funds, pensions and family offices, as an alternative to Prime Brokerage. Prior to joining State Street, Mr. Sporn was a Managing Director and Head of Business Development and Relationship Management for BNY Mellon’s principal financing program, Borrow Plus, a Prime Brokerage alternative that he helped bring to market. from concept to market through his four years at BNY Mellon. He previously spent 11 years at Morgan Stanley, working with the firm’s Prime Brokerage and Securities Lending Groups.