gmoney is a renowned NFT cultural thought leader, educator and community authority, known for sporting his iconic orange beanie CryptoPunk. An investor with 15+ years of experience primarily in the traditional finance sector. A futurist who used his time during the pandemic as a catalyst to understand blockchain technologies, capitalizing on them, which elevated him as a thought leader in the space. gmoney is one of the largest collectors of NFT’s in the world and has one of the most prized collections. He sold Visa and Galaxy Digital the CryptoPunks they purchased for their collections, was listed in the inaugural list of Fortune’s NFTy 50 of the 50 most influential people in NFT’s, and has advised major corporations, celebrities, entertainers and athletes around the world on their NFT and entering the Metaverse strategies. The most recent was his partnership with adidas.

What makes gmoney unique is his positioning as a thought leader, builder, and connector; able to break down this exciting new space in simple easy to understand concepts based on economic principles.  He has a robust understanding of how various channels and verticals connect, and he can provide a futurist vision of where we are headed as corporations and consumers enter the Metaverse.  As an advisor and angel investor in 80+ blockchain projects he has unparalleled access to the best and most innovative technologies. He advises on the most basic discovery fundamentals to the highly complex building and execution of new entrance and launch strategies. gmoney educates on why the world’s largest corporations like adidas, Meta, Nike, Visa, Pepsi, Budweiser and even White Castle are rushing into the space and why as a corporation, celebrity, creator, or person of influence having a blockchain and Metaverse strategy will be critical for future success and monetization. He uses his platform to elevate minorities, women in crypto, and the inclusion of POC in the space and is positioned as the authentic voice and trusted advocate for mainstream adoption.