Tongtong Gong is Co-founder and COO at Amberdata, a Blockchain and Digital Asset Data company. Amberdata delivers comprehensive data and insights into blockchain networks, crypto markets, and decentralized finance. The platform powers financial institutions with data for research, trading, risk, analytics, reporting, and compliance. Ms. Gong has an extensive background in building and managing distributed systems at scale for enterprises and has led advanced development teams focusing on incubating new businesses for major software players. Her teams have successfully built high-performance computing platforms and marketing analytics software for both offline and digital markets. Prior to co-founding Amberdata, Ms. Gong served as VP of Engineering at Unified, and a variety of engineering and leadership roles at Acxiom, including established a Global Service Center in China.

Ms. Gong was named CloudNow Top Women Entrepreneurs and has been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, and Nasdaq.