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Lorien Gabel

CEO & Co-Founder
Figment Inc.

Lorien is a wannabe polymath who was born in Malaysia while his dad was curing tropical diseases with the Peace Corps. Off to a cool start, he spent the next few years of his life in Hawaii, San Diego, India…before settling into the much more exciting, colorful and exceedingly polite land of Canada. In 1994, at the age of 24, when Lorien’s younger brother Matt asked him to run his burgeoning internet company, Lorien did what any self-respecting lawyer of 6 months would do–he quit. He moved the company from their parent’s basement and over the next four years managed the growth of Interlog, one of Canada’s first commercial ISP’s, to over 150 employees, 65,000 customers and profitability. The company was then acquired by a large multinational telecommunications provider. Determined not to be one hit wonders. Lorien and Matt teamed up again and co-founded Bird on a Wire Networks – a managed web hosting and data-center provider which was one of the first of its kind in Canada. Within two years, the company was acquired by AT&T Canada. Their third start-up,, based in New York City, was acquired by 1800-Flowers. Lorien has also been known to run divisions of Fortune 500 companies (Micron), spearhead the exponential U.S. growth of a UK based tech company (MessageLabs) as Global VP Business Development, serve on the advisory board of a number of start-ups and whip up a mean breakfast of Spanish eggs.