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John Dyment

Managing Director
Blue Owl Capital

John Dyment is a Managing Director of Blue Owl and the Head of Dyal’s Business Services Team. He manages a 43 person value creation team based out of New York, London and Hong Kong who provide strategic consulting advice to the 55 Partner Managers Dyal has invested in. The scope of services include fundraising assistance, M&A, and corporate development, digital transformation of operations, human capital advisory, data science, ESG, and DEI consulting services. Before joining Blue Owl, John was a General Partner of Lutetium Capital, a high yield hedge fund and credit asset manager. Prior to that, he spent his career in various leadership roles in hedge funds and investment banks serving as President, COO for Shumway Capital, and Head of Hedge Fund Distribution for UBS and Head of Prime Brokerage Capital Introduction at Goldman Sachs, and Deutsche Bank. John received a BS in Finance at University of Colorado and an MBA from Harvard Business School.