John D’Agostino is Director of Institutional Sales at Coinbase, overseeing strategic partnerships for the business. John brings deep experience with sophisticated private investment vehicles characterized by complex strategies and asset classes, notably derivatives, structured credit, direct lending, high frequency/quant and similar strategies.

Prior to joining Coinbase, John was a Managing Director and part of the Governance leadership group at DMS, providing guidance and independent oversight to boards to ensure adherence to governance, regulatory and compliance requirements. Previously, he was a Managing Director of Alkeon Capital, focused on fundamental investment research across industry sectors, global compliance and regulatory management. John also worked with KPMG Consulting, where he was part of the firm’s global leadership for the Finance and Hedge Fund consulting groups, and lead advisory on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange acquisition of London Metals Exchange.

He began his career as Vice President and Head of Strategy with the New York Mercantile Exchange, where he helped transition the floor to electronic trading and was part of the leadership team building out the core systems to accommodate co-location, quant and HFT volumes. He also led the effort to develop the first Middle East energy derivatives exchange in partnership with the Dubai Government.