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Peter Borish

Computer Trading Corporation

Peter F. Borish is chairman and CEO of Computer Trading Corporation (CTC), an investment and advisory firm whose largest consulting client is CIBC. He is also a partner in Adam Hoffman’s natural gas options trading team at Torsion Technologies, LLC. Borish is an advisor to Norbury Partners, a recently launched minority-owned discretionary global macro hedge fund. Previously, through CTC, Borish was chief strategist of Quad Group and its affiliated companies. In his role, Borish was engaged in recruiting new talent for Quad and working with the founding partners on business strategy. In addition, he helped traders develop a methodology to enhance their performance by serving as a trading coach. Borish is chairman and CEO of Computer Trading Corporation (CTC), and a current investor and advisor to ValueStream Ventures. He was also a founding investor in Charitybuzz.

Borish formerly worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, was founding partner and second-in-command at Tudor Investment Corporation, was chairman of OneChicago, LLC, and was chairman of the non-profits Foundation for the Study of Cycles and The Institute for Financial Markets.

He is also a founding board member of both the Robin Hood Foundation and Math for America.