Jack Abraham is the Managing Partner and CEO of Atomic, and is a pioneer of Atomic’s now
popular studio fund model for exclusively investing in companies founded at the firm.
Through Atomic, Jack has founded 2 of the 10 fastest growing companies (based on a recent
study of Silicon Valley startups) – Hims & Hers and Bungalow. Hims & Hers was the second
fastest company to achieve a $1B valuation in US history and recently announced an intent go
public at a $1.6B pre-money valuation with Oaktree’s SPAC just three years after launch.
Jack previously exited his first company Milo to eBay when he was 24 years old, and has been
an investor in several companies that went on to achieve valuations in excess of $1B including
Pinterest, Postmates (where he gave the founders the idea for the company), Uber and Flatiron
Jack attended the Wharton School as a Joseph Wharton Scholar where he designed his own
major in Technological Entrepreneurship.