A Gathering Of The World’s Most Influential Investors

Titans of Investing: Tectonic Shifts For A New Era

Join us for the 2024 Forbes Iconoclast Summit. Following years of uncertainty surrounding the economy, investor sentiment seems to be moderating as the world braces for a softer landing than expected. Even so, geopolitical tensions hang by a thread and business leaders are taking a cautious approach to the year. With pivotal national elections at play in the US and no fewer than 50 other countries, growing debate on AI’s disruptive role across industries, and key regulatory decisions looming in the digital assets space, there is much at stake in 2024.

Forbes will convene the world’s most influential dealmakers, financial titans, investors and market movers with over $20 trillion assets under management for high-level conversations on the most critical issues impacting our economy and markets today.

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