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The history of how The Investment Institute began.
Andrea moves to North Carolina to join Morgan Creek Capital Management as Director of Marketing and Global Branding, also leading the client education component of the Outsourced CIO firm.
Donna joins the NYC office at Morgan Creek, where she works with Andrea side by side to build out the company’s educational client forums.
Andrea and Donna start the NC Investment Roundtable within Morgan Creek where they bring together allocators and managers to discuss and debate investment ideas. Seats were always formed in a square, which inspired the best discussion, and eventually also inspired their logo.
The group grows to 70 members. NC is dropped from the name and the organization becomes known as The Investment Institute.
Andrea and Donna officially spin The Investment Institute out of Morgan Creek and expand to include members from all over the country.
The Investment Institute forms a strategic partnership with iConnections, combining community and technology to form The iConnections Investment Institute.

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Investor Memberships:

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