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The Institutional Case for Digital Assets

May 31 - June 2
1 Hotel South Beach, Miami

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Tuesday May 31, 2022

2:00 PM – 

8:00 PM


5:00 PM – 

7:00 PM

Welcome Reception

Wednesday June 1, 2022

7:00 AM – 

9:00 AM


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8:00 PM


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8:45 AM

Opening Remarks


Ron Biscardi

Chief Executive Officer,

8:45 AM – 

9:30 AM

Fireside with Punk6529 and GMoney



Futurist. Disruptor. Ape.


NFT Collector, Investor, Thought Leader


Michelle Noyes

Managing Director, Head of Americas,

9:30 AM – 

10:00 AM

VC Investment – Seeking out long-term value

  • In light of recent market volatility, how have the risk parameters changed for VC investors?
  • Are valuations still attractive for early-stage versus late-stage VC?
  • Where are the most exciting opportunities, at the sub-sector level, for backing early stage companies?

Eliot Durbin

General Partner,
Boldstart Ventures

Jalak Jobanputra

Founder & Managing Partner,
Future Perfect Ventures

10:00 AM – 

10:30 AM

Opportunities and Barriers to Investing

  • Crypto volatility – price driven predominantly by supply/demand rather than underlying fundamentals. Is this likely to remain the preserve of speculators?
  • How far along the ‘hype curve’ are we before crypto becomes a truly institutional asset class?
  • Could tokenisation of alternative asset funds accelerate the growth – and appeal – of digital assets over the next few years?

Rabia Iqbal

Managing Partner and Co-Founder,
Nural Capital

John Jonson

Head of Capital Formation,
Pantera Capital

Chris Matta

President of 3iQ Digital Assets US,
3iQ Digital Asset Management

Eric Weiss

Founder & Chief Investment Officer,
Blockchain Investment Group


Mike McGlone

Senior Commodity Strategist,
Bloomberg Intelligence

10:30 AM – 

11:00 AM

Exploring the crypto tax landscape

  • Technical tax and accounting issues facing asset managers that trade digital assets
  • Current tax and accounting treatment of cryptocurrencies, crypto derivatives and NFTs
  • Structuring alternatives and best practices within the digital assets space
  • A review of current market practice and possible future transformations

Sam Lee

Managing Director and Head of Tax,
Galaxy Digital

Lisa Zarlenga

Tax partner, Steptoe & Chair,
ABA Crypto tax force


Tony Tuths

Digital Asset Practice Leader, Tax Principal, Alternative Investments,

11:00 AM – 

11:30 AM

Crypto and Blockchain and how they fit in with ESG

  • Proof-of-work algos use up significant energy to mine crypto tokens like Bitcoin – what improvements are being made to make crypto funds more environmentally friendly?
  • What are investors asking for from managers, in respect to ESG criteria?
  • Importance of global initiatives, such as the Crypto Impact & Sustainability Accelerator (CISA) established by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with CoinDesk

Osho Jha

Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist, Arbol Inc., Founding Partner,

Chris Perkins

Managing Partner and President,

Staci Warden

Chief Executive Officer and board member,
Algorand Foundation


Sarah Kopit

The Block

11:30 AM – 

12:45 PM


1:00 PM – 

1:30 PM

MKT Call recording with Guy Adami, Dan Nathan and guests


Guy Adami


Dan Nathan

Founder and Principal,
RiskReversal Advisors

1:30 PM – 

2:00 PM

Risk and Valuation Methodologies

  • Market manipulation and its impact on valuation
  • Best practices and emerging trends for valuing digital assets
  • Collateral management considerations for active trading
  • Managing counterparty risk in a digital asset framework

Lauren Abendschein

Head of US Institutional Sales,

Alex Botte

Head of Client and Portfolio Solutions,
Runa Digital Assets

Jack McDonald


Michelle Perry

Head of Operational Due Diligence,
Galaxy Vision Hill


Steven D'Mello

Albourne Partners

2:00 PM – 

2:30 PM

Regulation and Access to Products

• What are regulators’ current views on cryptocurrencies and their classification as securities?
• How are regulators thinking about digital asset classifications…securities, currencies, commodities, other?
• How inevitable is it that crypto exchanges will be forced to register as broker/dealers?


Georgia Quinn

General Counsel,
Anchorage Digital

Matt Taber



Karl Cole-Frieman

Co-Managing Partner,
Cole-Frieman & Mallon

2:30 PM – 

3:00 PM

Perspectives on digital alpha generation

• What trends are you seeing and monitoring in the cryptocurrency space, as you seek to generate alpha in your respective strategies?
• Exchange-traded crypto investing versus VC investing – what are the pros and cons in the current environment?
• What risk/return characteristics should investors expect when buying your funds? And what is the single most important piece of advice you would offer a prospective investor?


Roy Niederhoffer

R. G. Niederhoffer Capital Management

Jeffrey Park

Active Portfolio Manager,
Bitwise Asset Management

Christopher Rhine

Portfolio Manager,
Galaxy Digital

Jason Zins

SkyBridge Capital


John D'Agostino

Senior Advisor: Strategy,

3:00 PM – 

3:30 PM

Exploring crypto’s emerging role in geopolitics

  • What are the panel’s views on how Ukraine has utilized digital currencies? Have you been surprised?
  • What future controls and restrictions might governments seek to impose on digital asset platforms and exchanges?
  • Who could have imagined crypto’s rise to prominence in a geopolitical context five years ago…which begs the question, what could we be talking about in the next five years? Has crypto crossed the geopolitical rubicon?

Rachel Anderika

Chief Risk Officer,
Anchorage Digital Bank

Mike Castiglione

Director of Regulatory Affairs, Digital Assets,

Robert Greene

VP & Chief of Staff,
Patomak Global Partners

James Koutoulas

Typhon Capital Management


Robert Baldwin

Head of Policy,
Association for Digital Assets Markets

3:30 PM – 

4:00 PM

Assessing the NFT hype curve

• Trading in NFTs reached $25 billion in 2021 according to Reuters – how big a marketplace could this become in the next few years?
• How will Web3 and the metaverse shape the commercial aspect of NFTs as a viable asset class, especially as global brands like Nike and Visa become active?
• What are you most excited about, and most concerned about, as you assess this marketplace today?


Avery Akkineni


Jeff Bandman

COO and Chief Legal Officer,
6529 Holdings

Erik LaPaglia

NFT Evangelist, web3 Investor/Advisor, Co-Founder,
Miami NFT

Jessica Raybeck

Head of Institutional Relationship Management,


Sergio Silva

Sales Director,

4:00 PM – 

4:30 PM

DeFi Growth Outlook

  • After a record year in 2021, with 240 VC deals completed, is the DeFi growth trend here to stay or will it be a flash in the pan?
  • What are the primary growth drivers behind the rise in deal flow and what investment themes or areas of DeFi should investors be paying attention to?
  • How do investment returns in DeFi compare to other areas of VC investing – what should investors be aiming for?

Michael Bucella

General Partner,
BlockTower Capital

Lorien Gabel

CEO & Cofounder,

Tongtong Gong

Co-founder and COO,

Marissa Kim

General Partner,
Abra Capital Management


Nicole Valentine

FinTech Director,
Milken Institute

4:30 PM – 

5:00 PM

The Power of Web3 and Metaverse: Predicting the Future of Media and Entertainment


Falon Fatemi

CEO & Co-Founder,

Jon Vlassopulos

Managing Partner and Founder,
A-Force Ventures

5:00 PM – 

5:30 PM

Raising Assets: Perspectives from Allocators and Managers

• Crypto assets grew 3.5 times to $2.6 trillion – what is the fundraising assessment for the first six months of 2022?
• Where are allocators focusing their attention in 2022, in terms of fund manager profile and strategy type?
• How might the emergence of crypto-asset exchange traded funds (ETFs) such as the ProShares Bitcoin futures ETF, influence fundraising….will passive begin to overtake active, in terms of market share?


Sebastian Corrochano

Strategy and Business Development,
Galaxy Digital

Joe Marenda

Head of Digital Assets Investing,
Cambridge Associates

Gayan Wijesinha

Principal, Senior Research Analyst and member of the Investment Committee,


Shelley Rosensweig

Partner, Investment Management and Private Equity Practice Groups,
Haynes and Boone

6:00 PM – 

7:00 PM

Cocktail Reception

Ocean Terrace

7:00 PM – 

9:00 PM


Cabana Pool

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Thursday June 2, 2022

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9:00 AM


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One on One meetings

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